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Pre Workout

Pre Workout


The only physician designed pre-workout from start to finish.

Clinically dosed ingredients
Performance and Results driven formula
No artificial ingredients
No proprietary blends
A massive 22 gram serving size


Too many athletes, whether they are just getting into a new sport, have been active for years or are pushing their body in a new direction, have been misguided in their approach to a “good” pre-workout when it comes to the actual RESULTS. Take a look at pre-workouts and understand the reason for taking one. It is to not only to provide the nutrients needed to supplement a good, hard workout, but also to fuel the body with proper nutrients it needs to take that workout and make it as beneficial as possible. Why push yourself to the limits in the gym, yet not get the most out of that workout by fueling your body the proper way?

There are too many supplements out their that boast “animal like energy” or go “ballistic” in the gym, when in all reality this is a mask to make you “feel” as if it is a good pre-workout. Simply because you feel a certain way, does not mean you are actually doing the best thing for your body in terms of muscle growth, joint and bone health, focus and circulatory benefits.

At Cratus, we were sick and tired of taking a pre-workout that, yes, got us “hyped and jacked”, but half way through our workouts we had to stop because of high stimulants affecting our stomachs. We were sick and tired of crashing half way through or minutes after the workout, without any energy for the rest of they day. We were sick and tired of working our tails off, only to realize the benefits of our labors could be enhanced so much more by a pre-workout that gave us what we NEEDED to power thorough, to focus, to actually give proper dosing of ingredients such as: Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate, Taurine, Alpha-GPC, L-Tyrosine, Huperzine, Creatine, and other amazing ingredients. We were also sick of pre-workouts boasting proprietary blends or concentrates.

With these claims, it is unclear how much your getting of anything and what the actual makeup of compounds are! With Cratus Pre-Workout, you can rest assured that we are completely transparent in what you are getting and at the proper clinical dosages to ACTUALLY work and do what a pre-workout SHOULD do for you. Do not be fooled any longer. Do your research, look at our ingredients, and get yourself away from the “mask” of what most pre-workouts are and start giving yourself the proper pre-workout to take you above and beyond where you are. Cratus Pre-Workout has been developed to push aside those other pre-workouts that peter out after only two weeks of use, to give you continuous and sustained energy and building blocks for what you DESERVE! Do not be fooled any longer, join the revolution of informed consumers and become better than what you thought you could be.

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